Blake Dyed After "Idol" Fans Complained

5/10/2007 2:06 PM PDT

Blake Dyed After "Idol" Fans Complained

Blake Lewis added blonde skunky streaks to his new brunette 'do this week, and angry "A.I." fans had a lot to do with it!

TMZ has learned that after the be-bopping boob revealed his darker shade last week, fans on blogs and websites (and Rosie on "The View") had nothing but negative things to say, which made Lewis question his decision. Do blondes have more fun? A reader on TMZ left the following comment: "And please tell Blake that going dark didn't work for Ashlee Simpson and it doesn't work for him either!!" Talk about career-enders!

A well-placed source tells TMZ that while Blake wasn't ready to go completely back to his dated frosted fiasco, he did add the blonde highlights as a compromise. A little dab'll do ya! Vote for me!

Regardless of who is crowned -- and thanks to Blake -- Chris Sligh's Shirley Temple curls, Haley's used weave and, of course, Sanjaya, the real winner of this season's "Idol" will be -- hair!