Dupri Parties With a Bullet

8/2/2008 6:12 PM PDT

Dupri Parties With a Bullet

Jermaine Dupri is speaking out about the shooting that took place at the party he hosted in Atlanta, saying, "I'm sad this incident happened because it interrupted a beautiful and loving party. I'm happy none of my people or friends got hurt. And the party continues."

Because why should a small thing like someone getting shot ruin a perfectly good weekend?

This isn't the first time Jermaine has been associated with a club brawl. Back in October 2007 his good friend and fellow rapper Da Brat was arrested for allegedly assaulting a waitress in a nightclub that Dupri owned.

Another incident in 1995 turned deadly when a close friend of Suge Knight was shot and killed following a party Dupri held in Atlanta.