TMZ Live 'Lawyer Friday' -- Jersey's Ronnie Joins!

2/4/2011 5:10 PM PST

TMZ Live 'Lawyer Friday' -- Jersey's Ronnie Joins!

Today on TMZ Live: Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" joins the show from snow-covered Dallas! Plus ... Harvey, Jason and crew answer all your questions, TMZ viewers Brooke and Sheila join via Skype, and another Twitter lightning round!

Also: Harvey is called out over his inaccurate drawing of the Kennedy assassination, Brian makes a run for it, Shevonne is NOT really a "cat lady," and video of Harvey getting grilled by a paparazzo!

AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!

(0:30) 'Teen Mom' dads ... why not charged with statutory rape?
(3:31) Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" joins from Super Bowl country!
(5:40) Is Ronnie worried about getting deported from Italy?
(9:00) Shiela Skypes in from Canada and wants to know about "dognapping" law.
(12:00) An eagle-eyed viewer points out that Harvey screwed up a diagram of the Kennedy assassination on yesterday's TV show.
(15:00) Back to Jake in Dallas -- and he's ballin' ... and not in a good way.
(18:00) Charles has an update about the Super Bowl.
(20:00) Twitter lightning round!
(24:28) Shevonne is NOT a real cat lady!!.
(30:00) Brooke Skypes in ... and she wants to know about Lindsay Lohan investigation.
(38:30) Harvey gets papped!!!