TMZ Live: Jeff Bridges -- Our Holy Grail

3/31/2011 4:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Jeff Bridges -- Our Holy Grail

Our love affair with Jeff Bridges goes on ... Plus, somebody's getting a raw deal in Lindsay Lohan's grand theft case -- and it ain't Lindsay .... Somehow, K-Fed gets another woman to carry his love child ... And, just why did Harvey have to leave in the middle of our program?

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(0:00) The weather is great today ... so we're back outside.
(2:30) Harvey squares off with Matt ... who thinks Harvey has NO SHOT at getting Jeff Bridges to host TMZ TV. Harvey ... naturally ... disagrees.
(4:25) The latest on Lindsay Lohan's grand theft case.
(7:20) Lindsay Lohan fell down in New York last night ... just like Dax did the day before. Dax has a few choice words for Harvey -- and Max -- for the beating he took on the TV show.
(9:19) Michelle from Dallas, Texas asks a question via Skype.
(10:45) Harvey takes off ... and is replaced by Gary ... who's lost 25 pounds!
(12:30) Gary thinks Oksana WON'T sue Mel Gibson ... if we keep talking about her.
(13:25) Facebook question ... not surprisingly about Lindsay.
(15:10) If Make-a-Wish wanted Harvey to eat a hamburger with a kid ... would he do it?
(18:23) Gary and Jason talk about the guy's elephant hunt.
(22:00) Enrique bailed on Britney Spears ... and everyone thinks it was a bad move.
(24:00) Twitter question time!