TMZ Live: The Reason Charlie Sheen Fascinates You

4/4/2011 3:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: The Reason Charlie Sheen Fascinates You

Why Charlie, Lindsay and other celebs intrigue us so ... and, why Charlie can't be stopped from naming names on stage ... plus, will Wendy Williams' feet kill off "Dancing with the Stars?" And, how Harvey's former assistant, "Gassy," floated back into our lives.

24 answers on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:00) Harvey says Charles is in the bathroom ... Charles is NOT happy when he shows up.
(2:50) How will the jewelry store's attempt to profit off the Lindsay Lohan incident affect the case?
(3:30) The TMZ tour ... actual stars spotted on this weekend's run through!
(5:00) Harvey vs. Emmet ... round two.
(10:50) Harvey harps on the value of a well-rounded education. TMZ cares!
(14:00) A car is smoking outside the office ... TMZ investigates.
(19:00) Can Charlie Sheen be sued for saying he did drugs with people?
(23:00) Skype question ... would Harvey and Charles still follow celebrity news if they didn't work for TMZ?
(28:10) Why Max won't participate in the TMZ Tour.
(30:50) Twitter question time!
(37:00) Harvey stumps Emmet on a Meatloaf music question.
(40:30) A GREAT WHITE supposedly attacked a dolphin where Harvey and Charles were jet skiing last week. And ... what if Harvey was eaten ... and Charles was blamed for his death?