TMZ Live -- How MJ's Records Can Help Dr. Murray

4/6/2011 3:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- How MJ's Records Can Help Dr. Murray

Why Dr. Conrad Murray's attorneys fought to get Michael Jackson's medical records from his dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Klein ... and how those records, from the singer's final months, can help Murray. Plus, was Charlie Sheen really "banging 7-gram rocks" ... And, why Charles talks openly about losing the dreads...

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(0:00) Big update about the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial ... Charles and Mike have all the latest.
(7:20) Any Nirvana fans at TMZ? Yes, because most of us (not Charles) were teenagers in the 90s.
(10:10) The Barry Bonds case -- Jason says the prosecution made a HUGE mistake by calling a certain witness. Good stuff for any of you trial junkies.
(13:00) Strip searching at the Lynwood jail -- where Lindsay Lohan spent time -- is causing legal problems.
(16:50) How Charles and Mike proposed to their wives.
(19:00) Mike and Charles' favorite stories.
(21:15) Sad news about Amanda Bynes' dog.
(22:30) Skype question from Tennessee -- and it's about copyright laws ... and involves a beautifully sung portion of Rebecca Black's smash hit "Friday."
(32:10) Twitter questions: Will Chris Brown be able to keep his hands to himself? Are there any TMZers who refuse to be on camera? Can Charlie Sheen go to Canada with a criminal record?
(37:00) Is Charlie making up his drug stories?
(38:50) A little self-deprecation to end the show.