TMZ Live -- Covering Kim K.'s Cosmo Controversy

4/11/2011 4:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- Covering Kim K.'s Cosmo Controversy

How Kim Kardashian's image was used on the cover of Turkish Cosmopolitan without her knowledge ... and why she needs to watch what she says about it. Plus, Tiger Woods was finally back on his game at The Masters ... and we have proof the turn-around is linked to a high-stakes game of craps.

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(0:00) Major controversy over Kim Kardashian's Turkish Cosmo cover -- and we have all the details.
(4:50) Harvey was JOKING when he ripped Ryan Seacrest. Come on, people!
(6:30) Was Charlie Sheen inciting the crowd by putting up a "No Heckling" sign?
(7:10) Which is worse, being an assistant for Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, or Harvey? Harvey's assistant, Tyler, takes this one. 
(9:30) Is Nicki Minaj too big of a diva to open for Britney Spears?
(14:10) Dax's lunch on display.
(14:50) What jobs did Charles have growing up?
(21:10) Breaking news, Amanda Bynes got a new puppy ... just DAYS after her other dog died.
(23:50) Tiger Woods is back to his "Vegas ways" -- and how Evan thinks it's helping his game.
(25:40) The TMZ Bus Tour ... you HAVE to check it out.
(30:10) Twitter time -- Betty White's comments about Lindsay and Charlie ... and how our "American Idol" segment came to be.
(34:00) Harvey's not-so-fond memory of a past job.