TMZ Live: Wait! Did Leno Get Lindsay to Admit Guilt?

4/26/2011 12:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Wait! Did Leno Get Lindsay to Admit Guilt?

Did Jay Leno succeed where Lindsay Lohan's prosecutor failed ... Plus, how bad of a show idea is "Repo Games" ... And, Nicole "Coco" Austin rings us up with details on how she and Ice T are keeping it real ...

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(0:00) Harvey plays the victim again -- because he got "pummeled" on the show today for the thousandth time.
(1:50) A wrestling question for our "stoner looking" staffer.
(5:55) How did Frank McCourt get into this Dodgers mess?
(8:15) Cajun David takes over for Harvey ... and talks about Steve Wynn's ridiculous Elvis-themed mock wedding ... that was directed by a REALLY famous dude.
(10:50) David tells a tale about Neverland Ranch.
(11:30) Someone stole Harvey's credit card ... then used it at K-Mart!
(16:10) The Katie Couric saga.
(19:05) We have Ice-T's wife Coco on the phone!!! And she explains the origins of "Thong Thursday."
(25:30) Coco calls her new reality show the "New Age I Love Lucy Show."
(28:00) Did Lindsay admit to theft by owning up to her mistakes on "The Tonight Show."
(32:00) Why Harvey would love to pick Abraham Lincoln's brain.
(40:40) Are there any daredevils in the office? Not really.