TMZ Live -- A Wrinkle in Botox Mom's Confession

5/19/2011 3:15 PM PDT

TMZ Live -- A Wrinkle in Botox Mom's Confession

Botox Mom tries to come clean in a TMZ interview. Plus, why Maria won't pull the plug on her marriage to Arnold ... And, Harvey rails on CNN ...

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(0:00) Big news -- Harvey just interviewed Botox Mom!
(4:00) How the Botox Mom situation got out of hand ... and how "Good Morning America" helped make it worse.
(8:15) Harvey points out inconsistencies in Botox Mom's story. Dax weighs in.
(15:50) Arnold's mistress was OBSESSED with Maria Shriver ... Mike has all the creepy details.
(19:00) Time for legal talk! Jason explains prenups.
(22:00) Maria hired a MAJOR divorce attorney ... whom we have a nickname for.
(26:00) Harvey breaks down the Arnold situation -- which Charles calls a "horrendous Lifetime movie."
(27:50) We have photos that make the Arnold situation even weirder.
(29:20) Patty ... her? Really?
(30:10) James from South Africa has a GREAT question ... who's to say Patty's niece isn't Arnold's kid as well?
(34:15) Shauna Sand and her latest husband were arrested last night -- Mike has the deets.
(36:45) The Osama bin Laden porn story ... take it away, Ryan!
(43:45) Harvey's beef with CNN -- CLASSIC.