Daniel Baldwin I'm Dropping the Divorce I No Longer Fear My Wife

8/12/2011 9:33 AM PDT

Daniel Baldwin -- I'm No Longer Afraid of My Wife

Daniel Baldwin
has reconciled with the wife he claims threatened to kill him last month ... TMZ has learned.

Baldwin had filed for divorce from Joanne Smith last month, after she allegedly went on a violent drunken binge, even allegedly threatening to kill Daniel with a knife in front of their two kids.  Daniel got a restraining order and custody of the kids, claiming Joanne was a real threat to the family.

But Daniel, who says Joanne has an enormous alcohol and drug problem, has had a change of heart.  Daniel went back to court last Thursday, and asked the judge to dismiss the restraining order, which the judge promptly did.

And there's more ...  Daniel and Joanne both have filed legal docs asking the judge to dismiss the divorce petition.  We're told  the petition is before the judge, though it has not been signed yet.

Daniel had no comment.