The Situation XXX Material

8/17/2011 1:28 PM PDT

The Situation -- XXX Material

The Situation can always count on the porn industry -- because a day after Abercrombie & Fitch publicly dissed him ... Hustler came to the rescue, offering the "Jersey Shore" star cash to wear its clothing line.

As we previously reported, A&F fired off a press release yesterday -- offering Sitch and other "Jersey" cast members money NOT to wear its clothes ... claiming, Sitch goes against the "aspirational nature of its brand."

But Hustler sees things differently -- and according to a rep for the adult company, it has offered to "pay Mr. Sorrentino to wear their clothing so that he can stay well dressed."

Larry Flynt tells TMZ, “The Sitch may not be good enough for Abercrombie & Fitch, but he’s good enough for us."

Be careful what you wish for.