Infamous P.I. Anthony Pellicano Files for Divorce ... From PRISON

9/22/2011 1:32 PM PDT

Infamous Wiretapper Anthony Pellicano Files for Divorce ... From PRISON

The celebrity P.I. who was famously convicted on scores of wiretapping and conspiracy counts in 2008 has filed for divorce from his wife ... from inside prison.

Anthony Pellicano's lawyer filed the documents last week -- citing irreconcilable differences.

Anthony was hired by numerous Hollywood big wigs for his sleuthing services -- including Chris Rock, former MGM head Kirk Kerkorian, Paramount honcho Brad Grey, former Disney head Michael Ovitz, and Universal head Ron Meyer.

Pellicano was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison in Texas in 2008.

Anthony and his wife, Kat, were a couple for more than 25 years. They have 3 daughters and one son.