TMZ Live Too Short & Jim Jones Debut Hanukkah Rap Songs!

12/2/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Too Short & Jim Jones Debut Hanukkah Rap Songs!

Hanukkah just got real -- rappers Too Short and Jim Jones join the show to debut their original rap tracks celebrating the Festival of Lights ... and you gotta hear 'em.

Plus, we celebrate Britney Spears' 30th birthday with all the hits, runs, and umbrella-wielding errors -- it's no wonder most people didn't she'd make it to 30.

Also,  would you suffer through watching an ad on the ATM screen ... to avoid annoying fees? And a heated round of LSU vs. Georgia trash talk breaks out in the newsroom!

(0:00) Happy birthday Britney Spears! Harvey says people connect with her more than any other celeb on TMZ.
(1:30) Awww ... Britney's sweet, innocent beginning.
(3:22) Harvey remembers seeing Britney at the gym back in the day ... little did he know how their paths would cross.
(6:10) The beginning of Britney's fall -- the Vegas wedding.
(10:00) Going down ... the shaved head, umbrella attack, , 2007 VMA awards disaster, divorce, gurney ride, hit and run.
(18:00) Somehow ... Britney made it through.
(26:15) It's football smack talking time! Christie -- a UGA fan -- and Van -- an LSU fan -- go after it ... and make a sexy bet.
(32:00) Harvey rocks a yarmulke!
(34:00) Too Short video chats with us -- and then raps his brand new Hanukkah song!!! Unbelievable!!!
(38:00) We have a Hanukkah rap battle on our hands -- Jim Jones calls in to debut his own Jewish tune.
(40:00) Would you watch ads at an ATM?