'Terminator 3' Star Charged with Cabbie Stiffing

3/6/2012 2:05 AM PST

'Terminator 3' Star Nick Stahl -- Charged with Cabbie Stiffing

"Terminator 3" star Nick Stahl has been charged with the most heinous crime in the universe -- not paying a taxi driver -- after allegedly failing to come up with enough cash to cover an $84 fare.

TMZ broke the story ... Nick was arrested back in January when he took a long cab ride to Hollywood -- and found himself a little short on cash when it came time to pay the tab. Nick fessed up to the driver, who then flagged down a cop.

According to law enforcement sources, Nick was charged with "defrauding a taxi operator" -- and has since pled "no contest." As a result, Nick was ordered to pay a $50 fine.

But since Nick spent nearly an entire day in jail following his arrest, the judge suspended the fine. It's unclear if the cab driver ever got his money.