Randy Jackson Michael NEVER Tried to Kill Me!!!

5/9/2012 9:52 AM PDT

Randy Jackson -- Michael NEVER Tried to Kill Me!!!


Michael Jackson NEVER ordered his henchmen to murder his brother Randy Jackson ... despite allegations made by MJ's former bodyguard ... this according to a rep for RJ.

Randy's spokesperson tells TMZ ... the allegations made by Matt Fiddes "couldn't be further from the truth ... it's absolutely absurd."

Fiddes told The Sun ... MJ wanted members of his inner circle to shoot Randy during a heated argument regarding a possible Jackson 5 tour. Fiddes claims Michael was on drugs at the time.

But Randy's rep tells us Fiddes is full of crap ... saying, "There's no way in the world that this actually happened."

Randy's rep says the Jackson family is choosing to ignore Matt, rather than engage him in a legal battle, because "it's a non-issue."