Joey from 'Full House' Mr. Woodchuck's Face Was MAULED in Dog Attack

6/26/2012 2:00 AM PDT

Uncle Joey from 'Full House' -- Mr. Woodchuck's Face Mauled in Dog Attack


Mr. Woodchuck -- Uncle Joey's faithful puppet on "Full House" -- was gruesomely disfigured in a freak accident 17 years ago ... and now, Mr. Woodchuck is finally showing his face ... or what's left of it.

Dave Coulier -- who played Uncle Joey on the show -- dug up the old puppet from storage for a "Funny or Die" sketch, joking that Comet (the Tanner family dog) chewed up Mr. Woodchuck's foam face.

But Comet's just a scapegoat -- in reality, Mr. Woodchuck was the victim of Coulier's own dog who got a hold of the puppet soon after the show wrapped for good in 1995.

We're told Coulier's new video is scheduled to debut in the near future -- with a bonus cameo by everyone's favorite annoying neighbor ... Kimmy Gibbler.

Here's hoping she keeps her shoes on.