Crocs Founder Pleads NOT GUILTY After Crazy DUI Arrest

9/24/2012 9:11 AM PDT

Crocs Founder George Boedecker Pleads NOT GUILTY After Crazy DUI Arrest


Ultra-rich Crocs founder George Boedecker insists he was NOT driving wasted last month before his crazy DUI arrest -- during which he allegedly told cops to "f*ck" themselves "in the ass" -- pleading not guilty to DUI today in court.

As we previously reported, Boedecker was arrested in Boulder, CO last month -- and according to the police report, he was "drunk as crap" when he went off on the arresting officers. Police claim 51-year-old Boedecker also insisted he was dating Taylor Swift.

But today, Boedecker claimed cops were full of crap -- because he pled "not guilty" to the DUI charge.

He's due back in court next month.