Alicia Keys It Takes a Giant Crane to Move My Crap

3/17/2013 6:10 AM PDT

Alicia Keys -- I Need a Giant Crane to Move All My Crap

When you're Alicia Keys you don't just hire regular ol' movers to get your fancy crap out of your $15-million NYC penthouse -- NO, you hire a construction crane to get the job done.

Alicia and her husband Swizz Beatz recently sold their SoHo condo (the one she bought from Lenny Kravitz back in 2010) and started the moving process this week -- a tall order in jam-packed Manhattan.

It's clear from the pics, Alica's a problem-solver ... rather than have her stuff -- which filled 6,000 square feet -- lugged down stairs or elevators, she hired a crane (which can run over $1,000 / day) to fast track her goods to the ground. Pretty baller.

FUN FACT: Alicia and Beatz are now headed to a mansion in New Jersey ... previously owned by Eddie Murphy. Also baller.