Lindsay Lohan I'm in Jail With Eddie Winslow!

3/26/2013 10:35 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan -- I'm in Jail with Eddie Winslow!


We've said it all along ... Lindsay Lohan can't dodge jail forever ... and our prophecy came true yesterday during one of Lindsay's scenes on "Anger Management."

But just like real life, Lindsay -- who plays herself on the show -- didn't do the jail scene as a prisoner ... we're told her character was there to do community service, hence why she's not wearing an orange jumpsuit. (Beats the morgue.)

As we reported, Lindsay -- who also does a bed scene with Charlie Sheen -- was a dream to work with ... nailing all her lines and being super nice to everyone on set.

Lindsay even posed for a bunch of pics with other cast members, including Darius McCrary ... aka Eddie Winslow from the 90s show "Family Matters" ... who does play a prisoner.

When it comes to Lindsay's acting career ... there's no contest.