Judge Judy CBS Sues Over BOOTLEG YouTube Videos

6/3/2013 3:30 AM PDT

Judge Judy -- CBS Sues Over BOOTLEG YouTube Videos


A "Judge Judy" fan must have a cyber-death wish ... 'cause he's declared war on TV's most powerful woman over a series of YouTube videos ... and there's no way in hell he's gonna win.

Long story short ... CBS has filed a lawsuit against someone named Jessie Zaragosa, claiming the person ran multiple YouTube accounts called "JudgeJudyWorld," "JudgeJudyWorld1," "JudgeJudyWorld2" and "JudgeJudyWorld3."

According to the lawsuit, Zaragosa posted numerous episodes of "Judge Judy" on the accounts in order to rack up views ... in an effort to make money off the videos on his pages.

CBS claims it demanded YouTube take down the videos ... and YouTube complied ... but Zaragosa fired off a counter-notice demanding YouTube put it back up. 

So CBS took the fight from the Internet to L.A. County Superior Court ... where Zaragosa will undoubtedly get crushed because he has absolutely no ownership rights to the "Judy" footage.

The lesson here -- don't mess with Judge Judy.