Kanye West NOBODY TALK TO ME ... EVER!!!

6/11/2013 8:30 AM PDT

Kanye West -- NOBODY TALK TO ME ... EVER!!!

Kanye West is grumpy ... super, duper grumpers ... and yesterday Mr. Grumperton took out his grumpiness on a really nice photog -- and it was all caught on tape.  

Yesus was walking around NYC with his posse, when a photog -- not one of ours -- politely asked (from a safe distance) ... "What's good, Kanye?"

Kanye's response -- "DON'T ASK ME QUESTIONS, MAN!"

The pap said goodbye to KW ... but then he made a fatal mistake -- he wished Kanye a happy belated birthday!!!

Kanye's response -- SHUT UP! DON'T EVER TALK!

Where's a good parking sign when you need one?