Carey Hart NUCLEAR FIGHT With Photog in Malibu

6/13/2013 6:12 AM PDT

Nuclear Confrontation Between Carey Hart and Paparazzo in Malibu


A photog (not TMZ) got into a fight with Carey Hart Wednesday night in Malibu ... which ended with cops, EMTs and lots of after-the-fact taunting.

Hart and his wife Pink were at the Malibu Country Mart when the photog allegedly started snapping pics of Pink changing their kid's diaper ... and that set Carey and his buddy off.

You see Carey's friend stomp on the photog's foot and then kick his camera to the ground.  The photog claims he also got kicked in the balls for good measure.

Once cops left ... the photog goes off on Carey and his friend.

So we gotta ask ...