Jack White My Estranged Wife is a Liar

8/3/2013 7:30 AM PDT

Jack White -- My Estranged Wife is a Liar


Jack White
is adamant he is NOT a violent person nor is he a threat to his family -- and his estranged wife was just trying to smear him when she got a restraining order ... this according to legal docs.

Jack filed the docs in TN in response to the restraining order Karen Elson temporarily obtained against him -- it's all part of the couple's nasty divorce that's been going on since she filed last year.

In his docs, Jack says Karen often leaves the kids with him (as recently as last month) ... arguing that's not the behavior of a woman who believes he's dangerous.

Jack also says Karen recently told a friend, "I'm completely in love with Jack and I'd move back tomorrow if he asked me."

Jack's convinced -- Karen's so-called fear was made up as a ploy to "malign him in the public record" ... and wants to make it clear he's not a "scary or violent person".

Jack's also asking a judge to establish a temporary parenting plan ... since he and Karen clearly can't come to an agreement themselves.