Schwarzenegger to New GF Come With Me If You Want to Kiss

9/23/2013 4:00 PM PDT

Arnold Schwarzenegger to New Girlfriend -- Come With Me if You Want to Kiss

Arnold Schwarzenegger
appears to have sealed his split from estranged wife Maria Shriver with a kiss ... for his new chick.

Arnold was photographed planting a big wet one on Heather Milligan Friday night after a romantic dinner in Santa Monica. (FYI, they ate at Fig in the Fairmont Hotel. Nice choice.)

They arrived and left separately, but that didn't stop Arnold from slipping Heather a sloppy goodbye kiss as she got into her car. They've been rumored to be dating for months.

As we reported, there had been tiny signs Arnold and Maria might work things out -- remember the butt grab? But as Mr. Freeze would say ... that's on ice.