Kanye West Twilight Zone Chumming It Up with Paps

9/25/2013 1:04 PM PDT

Kanye West Twilight Zone -- Rapper Chums It Up with Paps

It must be Opposite Day ... because Kanye West wasn't just cordial with a bunch of paparazzi in Hollywood moments ago, he was downright nice.

Ye was picking up a friend in his murdered-out Lambo when he turned to address the photogs in pursuit ... not with a fist, BUT WITH A SMILE.

He gave the guys a friendly heads up that he'd be driving all the way to Anaheim today. In other words, tailing him could be a full-day mission, so the paps should know what they're getting themselves into.

A surprising move ...  considering the rapper's been charged with battery and attempted grand theft for allegedly attacking a photog at LAX.

Then again, it might explain why he's being so nice.