Casey Kasem Judge Denies CONSERVATORSHIP

11/19/2013 11:40 AM PST

Casey Kasem -- Judge DENIES Conservatorship


Casey Kasem
's children will NOT assume control over their ailing father's life -- at least not yet -- a judge just denied their request for a temporary conservatorship ... TMZ has learned.

The Kasem kids went to court to show that Casey's wife Jean is not providing the care he needs ... and banned his own children from seeing him.  

But a judge denied their request for an emergency conservatorship ... saying he has confidence the issue of visitation with the children can be worked out by attorneys on both sides.

The judge also said a temporary conservatorship is not necessary because Casey -- who is suffering from advanced Parkinson's -- is NOT "at risk" and is getting proper treatment at home.  

As we reported, Jean offered the kids a deal ... drop their bid for a conservatorship ... and in return they would each get regularly scheduled, though brief, visits with Casey and notification when he's hospitalized.

The Kasem children rejected that offer.