CeeLo His Lawyer Calls B.S. On Judge Over Courtroom Camera

11/20/2013 12:40 AM PST

CeeLo's Lawyer Calls B.S. On Judge, Prosecutor Over Courtroom Camera


was railroaded by the judge and the prosecutor in his felony drug case ... standing in the crosshairs of media cameras as everyone else in court ducked for cover -- this according to his lawyer.

Blair Berk, who reps CeeLo, filed legal docs with the court -- obtained by TMZ -- in which she gripes about the way her client was depicted during his arraignment.  Berk objected to cameras in the courtroom, but Judge Shelly Torrealba felt the media had a right to record the proceedings.

Now here's what enraged Berk.  On arraignment day, the judge ordered the camera operator NOT record her or her staff.  The judge then ordered the camera position near the bench.  The prosecutors then conveniently stood near the court staff, so the only people in the shot were CeeLo and Berk.

Berk apparently feels her client -- who is presumed innocent -- was hung out to dry on the pretext of an open proceeding that was in fact more like a defendant under an interrogation lamp.

CeeLo is in court today.  We plan on livestreaming the action, but you probably won't see the judge or the D.A.