'Twilight' Movie Honchos Claim Flick is RACIST!

12/17/2013 9:19 AM PST

Movie Honchos Claim 'Twilight' is RACIST


Producers of a movie that spoofed "Twilight" claim the monster hit is fair game to parody ... because it showcased questionable conduct regarding domestic violence, teen pregnancy, drug addiction, date rape, and racism.

Here's the backstory ... Lionsgate -- which produced "Twilight" -- fired off a cease and desist letter to the producers of "Twiharder."  Lionsgate claims "Twiharder" is a blatant rip-off and wants it shelved forever.

But now "Twiharder" has fired back, claiming it has a legal right to parody some very controversial themes on the OG.  Specifically, "Twiharder" producers claim the movie is racist ... depicting Native Americans as bloodthirsty warriors, noble savages and sexual predators.

Producers also claim "Twilight" promotes statutory rape -- the main relationship is between 17-year-old Bella and Edward, "who is nearly 100 years her senior."

As for domestic violence ... it appears they're talking about rough sex between Edward and Bella. 

"Twiharder" producers want a judge to declare they are fully in the right.