A&E Principles are Principles But Money is Money

12/20/2013 9:31 AM PST

A&E 'Duck Dynasty' Christmas Marathons -- Principles are Principles ... But Money is Money

will continue to profit off Phil Robertson and his family during Christmas week -- despite the fact that they benched Phil for his recent anti-gay comments -- because the network will be airing SEVERAL huge "Duck Dynasty" marathons.

DD is pretty much taking over A&E's Christmas schedule. The network will air 4 separate rerun marathons of the show in 4 days (December 22-25) totaling 35.5 hours of air time.

December 22 -- 5PM-4AM EST
December 23 -- 7PM-4AM EST
December 24 -- 6PM-9PM EST
December 25 -- 3:30PM-4AM EST

Pretty ironic ... A&E, on the one hand, is indignant over Phil's comment but not mad enough to pass up a buck ... not to mention the fact that they knew exactly how he felt before they hired him
because he publicly preached about his beliefs for years.

So we gotta ask ...