'Duck Dynasty' Wife That's NOT My Naked Body For Sale!

12/20/2013 12:50 AM PST

'Duck Dynasty' Wife Korie Robertson -- That's NOT My Naked Body For Sale!

A photo allegedly showing "Duck Dynasty" star Korie Robertson duck naked is being shopped around to media outlets ...  but TMZ has learned it's a TOTAL FAKE!
The photo on the left (below) shows a woman who looks like Korie standing in front of a hotel room door in her birthday suit -- her hotness is up for debate, but one thing is not open for debate ... the fact that the pic has been Photoshopped.

Here's what we've determined. 

--  Korie's face was superimposed on someone else's body. 

--  We found the original photo, which depicts another woman who has similar body features but a very different face (for privacy reasons, we've blurred her punim). 

-- One interesting thing ... both women have a similar and peculiar V-shaped collarbone.

Bottom line ... it's pretty clear someone's so pissed at Phil over his anti-gay comments ... they want to drag his son's wife through the mud.