Tyga Ordered to Pay Over $200k For Jacking Fancy Bling

1/26/2014 12:30 AM PST

Tyga -- Ordered to Pay Over $200k ... For Jacking Fancy Bling

Rack city bitch, rack rack city bitch ... is what Tyga's former jeweler is more than likely saying -- after a judge ordered the rapper to pay the guy over 200k this week for stealing his jewelry.

We broke the story ... Tyga was sued last year by Jason of Beverly Hills -- a famous jeweler who said Tyga never paid $91k for diamond and gold jewelry back in 2012 (a pantheon timepiece and a chain; pictured below). He also wanted a late fee ... which doubled the amount.

Tyga tried downplaying the story when the lawsuit was filed, tweeting, "I don't f*k with #bitchn**gas @jasonofbh" ... however, a judge feels like he did eff with Jason ... and entered a default judgement against him.

Total judgment: : $208,334.47

Tyga's rep insists this is "all a misunderstanding" and claims they're working to rectify the issue.

Ten, ten, ten, twenties and the fifties.