Harry Styles Hungry?? Eat My Meat

1/27/2014 8:29 AM PST

Harry Styles -- Hungry?? Eat My Meat


Harry Styles would make a good Jewish mother ... because the "One Direction" singer thinks everyone should be well fed -- even us.

Harry -- sans Kendall Jenner -- was carrying a doggie bag as he left Swingers in L.A. after a late-night dinner ... when our photog spotted him.

Harry didn't talk, but he seemed concerned our guy Kris was undernourished ... so he offered Kris his greasy leftovers.

Fun Fact:  This is the same photog who once rooted around for Johnny Depp's used cigarette butt.

We're sending Kris to a bar ... he'll find something to wash down the half-eaten patty melt.