Woody Allen Lawyer Says Mia's Just A Bitter Bitch

2/4/2014 6:02 AM PST

Woody Allen's Lawyer -- Mia Farrow's Just a Bitter Bitch

Mia Farrow is a bitter woman living in the past, brainwashing her children, and propagating outrageous lies just to hurt her wildly successful and acclaimed ex ... so claims Woody Allen's lawyer.

Attorney Elkan Abramowitz did Allen's bidding on the "Today" show Tuesday ... claiming Mia went on the warpath because she couldn't handle the fact that his client got a Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement Award.

As you know ... Woody's adopted daughter Dylan claims he molested her when she was 7 and she got real specific over the weekend ... claiming, among other things, he shoved his face in her naked crotch.

To believe Abramowitz you also have to believe that Mia has brainwashed both Dylan and Woody's biological son, Ronan Farrow.