'Dynasty' Creator Sues City of L.A. You Busted My Teeth!

2/13/2014 12:20 AM PST

'Dynasty' Creator Esther Shapiro Sues City of L.A. -- You Busted My Teeth!


The woman who created "Dynasty" claims she busted her face open and lost her front teeth ... all because the City of L.A. and its sidewalks are not on the level.

Esther Shapiro claims in a new lawsuit  -- obtained by TMZ -- she was walking on Restaurant Row on La Cienega back in April when she tripped and fell on a sidewalk that was uneven -- raised an inch-and-a-half above the rest. 

Esther -- who is 85 -- took a nasty spill, busting several teeth and hobbling away with bruises, cuts and a bloody nose.

We're told Esther was hospitalized and wants her medical bills and lost earnings covered.

She's suing for more than $25,000 ... which is probably 1/50 of what she made on a single "Dynasty" episode.