Lindsay Lohan Tops Nanny In Court

2/25/2014 1:32 PM PST

Lindsay Lohan Tops Nanny in Court


Lindsay Lohan just kicked a nanny's ass.

A nanny sued Lindsay -- claiming she was pushing a baby stroller in West Hollywood when LiLo recklessly drove her Maserati smack into her -- but she just folded like the cheap suit she takes to the dry cleaners.

TMZ broke the story ... Nubia Del Carmen Preza filed the lawsuit back in 2012 for personal injuries -- the baby was not hurt.  But the case lingered and the nanny just threw in the towel ... that she uses to clean the kitchen.

The nanny has now dropped the lawsuit altogether ... and sources tell us the Nanny didn't get anything ... not even 99 cents that she could use at a discount store.