Khloe Kardashian Lie Detectors for Everyone To Find Jewelry Thief

3/4/2014 7:50 AM PST

Khloe Kardashian -- Lie Detectors for Everyone to Find Jewelry Thief


Call it CSI: Tarzana ... Khloe Kardashian is demanding lie detector tests for EVERYONE who had access to the jewelry stolen from her home ... and she want fingerprints too.

We're told Khloe suspects the jewelry thief or thieves who pilfered $250K worth of items is someone with direct access ... house staff, assistants, filming crews, inspectors and movers.

As we reported ...  the thief or thieves made off with watches, diamonds and gold chains that were left in the house, which was recently sold.

It's likely an inside job because there's no sign of a break-in and the house sits inside a gated estate and the house itself is also gated.

Sources say Khloe does NOT suspect Lamar since he's been in Spain playing basketball.