MJ's Alleged Son You Can't Get MJ's Money

3/10/2014 4:30 AM PDT

Michael Jackson's Alleged Son --You Can't Get MJ's Money


Michael Jackson
's newly-proclaimed alleged son will be fending for himself for the rest of his life, because there's NO WAY he can touch the money in MJ's estate.

Brandon Howard says he has no interest in going after the Estate, and that's a good thing, because Michael made sure he and everyone else in the world -- except Prince, Paris and Blanket -- could not lay a hand on MJ's assets. 

According to Michael's will ... Michael's 3 kids, along with some charities, ultimately get his money.  Michael also made sure that Katherine was supported during her lifetime.

We just dug through Michael's 2002 will -- in which he explicitly wrote, "Except as otherwise provided in this Will or in the Trust ... I have intentionally omitted to provide for my heirs."

Under the law, that's all she wrote, because MJ had every right to disinherit anyone he wanted ... even his own kids.  What he did was provide for Paris, Blanket and Prince ... and even if someone else could prove they were sired by the singer ... tough luck.

Bottom line ... Michael beat it, even in death.