'Ink Master' Stars Sued They Said I Could 'Go Home And Suck Some D***s'

3/17/2014 9:36 AM PDT

'Ink Master' Stars Sued -- They Said I Could 'Go Home And Suck Some D***s'


The tattoo gurus on "Ink Master" are a couple pervs who sexually harass their female staff -- at least according to one former PA on the show ... who says she put up with a laundry list of extremely inappropriate behavior ... and was ultimately fired.

Nicoletta Robinson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Spike TV and "Ink Master" stars Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck -- claiming she worked for the show last year as an errand runner ... and Nunez and Peck treated her like some two-dollar whore.

Robinson includes a bunch of quotes in her lawsuit -- claiming Peck said things like, "Now Nickie can go home and suck some d***s." She claims Peck also tickled her against her will, squeezed her and pinched her ... and pulled her seatbelt tight against her breasts while she was driving.

She claims Nunez also said tons of perverted crap -- like "Are you menstruating? Do you need a hug?" She says Nunez once asked if she was pregnant just because she was sick, and once explicitly described how his dog eats his wife's dirty underwear.

Robinson claims she tried to file a complaint, but the production company didn't really know how to handle the situation -- and she was later terminated in November. She wants unspecified damages.

Spike had no comment.