Anne Hathaway The Devil Wears Towels

3/24/2014 6:52 AM PDT

Anne Hathaway -- The Devil Wears Towels

Anne Hathaway did not want her photo taken this weekend in Miami ... so she went to RIDICULOUS lengths to make sure the paps did not get their shot.

Hathaway was in town to promote her new movie, "Rio 2," when she took a little time to hit the beach and tan her pale skin with hubby Adam Schulman.

But when it came time to leave, the couple used a slew of guys to escort them off the beach ... using a makeshift traveling towel blockade to shield them from the paparazzi.

The move was almost as outlandish as the time at LAX when she sat in a stranger's car for 30 seconds rather than have her picture taken.