Lisa Ling Dinged With Banana Peel Lawsuit

3/26/2014 2:59 PM PDT

Lisa Ling Lawsuit -- Ling Gets Dinged with Banana Peel Suit


Lisa Ling is getting a new view -- the defendant's table in a courtroom -- because she's being sued by a woman who claims she slipped and fell on Lisa's fabulous Santa Monica property.

Lisa was throwing an architectural and design event in June to showcase her new digs, when a woman named Yolanda Para-Keresztes claims she slipped on the outdoor steps that had some errant gravel and tumbled to the ground, fracturing her foot.

Frankly the case isn't that interesting,  but we thought you'd like to see Lisa's house.  It's been featured on HGTV and is one of the first eco-friendly homes built in the old Santa Monica area.

It's the first energy-neutral home -- which means it produces as much energy as it consumes -- in Santa Monica.

And the house has a huge outdoor lantern made from recycled Chinese food cartons ... which means the lights can be dimmed some.