NBC 'Dateline' Lawsuit I Was Used As Sexual Bait For 'The Sperminator'

5/6/2014 12:40 PM PDT

'Dateline NBC' Lawsuit -- I Was Used as Sexual Bait for 'The Sperminator'

Women at "Dateline NBC" were routinely used as sexual decoys for stories about prostitution, sex trafficking, and sexual deviants ... according to a female producer who says NBC turned a blind eye to her fears ... but NBC says her claims are bogus.

Kimberly Lengle's lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- claims she was used as bait for dangerous -- and often sexually-oriented -- undercover segments ... including one about a man known as the "Sperminator" -- who billed himself as "a natural intercourse sperm donor."

Lengle says NBC honchos pressured her to respond -- often with her own photo -- to potentially dangerous predators ... for a series called "Wild, Wild Web," adding she was required to engage in sexually explicit conversations.

She claims one of the producers even set her up with training on how to be a prostitute.

According to the lawsuit  ... none of the male producers were used as sexual decoys. Lengle says her bosses retaliated against her after she complained to HR ... and she resigned after her complaints were determined to be unfounded.

A rep at NBC tells TMZ, "We took this freelancer’s allegations very seriously and determined that her claims were entirely without merit. We will vigorously defend our position in this case."