Casey Kasem FOUND

5/15/2014 5:15 AM PDT

Casey Kasem Found in Washington State

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The bizarre story of Casey Kasem gone missing has a happy ending, for now at least ... he's been located.

Kasem was found in Washington state, three days after an L.A. judge expressed deep concern over the iconic radio host’s whereabouts.

Santa Monica police Sgt. Mario Toti said Kasem was located by the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday. Kasem's children had filed a missing person's report earlier in the day.

The "Top 40" host has been in poor health in recent years. Kasey's wife Jean had been in control of his medical care and had blocked his three children from a previous marriage from seeing him.

The judge stripped Jean of her power over Casey on Monday, giving Casey's daughter Kerri temporary conservatorship over her dad.

Casey -- who hosted "America's Top 40" for years ... suffers from dementia.