Aaron Carter Off The Hook For $1M Tax Debt Other Celebs Get Nailed

6/30/2014 12:15 AM PDT

Aaron Carter -- Off The Hook For $1M Tax Debt -- Other Celeb Scofflaws Get Nailed


Aaron Carter and Christina Milian just got off Uncle Sam's s**t list -- by settling their tax debts -- but TMZ has learned the list isn't getting any shorter 'cause 3 more celebs just got added.

Carter had been slapped with liens for more than $1M in back taxes -- but IRS docs show he recently settled up with the gov't ... and the liens have been removed.

Same with Christina Milian ... tax records show she took care of her debt for $17,458.86.

But the parade of celebrity tax scofflaws rolls on ... new liens have been filed in California against Faith Evans, Chris Kattan and ex-NFL star Terrell Owens.

Tax docs show Evans owes more than $119K for state taxes she failed to pay from 2008-2012 ... Kattan is on the hook for $32K ... and Owens owes more than $148K.