Kim Kardashian Dentist Tries to Make Killing Off Her Mouth!

7/9/2014 1:00 AM PDT

Dentist Tries to Make Killing Off Kim Kardashian's Mouth!


Kim Kardashian
 is so famous ... a dentist is trying to sell a judgment he got against the reality star for nearly FOUR TIMES what it's worth ... because she's just that famous.

The backstory is great.  Kim went to Dr. Craig Gordon back in 2001 to switch out her silver fillings for more attractive porcelain fillings.  According to a 2002 lawsuit ... Kim stiffed the dentist ... but she was a no show in court and he got a default judgment for $1,605.73.

Dr. Gordon tried in vain to collect ... even going as far as trying to prevent her from divorcing Kris Humphries until she paid the judgment ... but that didn't work.

So now Dr. Gordon is trying to sell his judgment to the highest bidder ... someone who either likes or hates Kim so much, they'll spend time and money to get a check from KK herself.

Now here's the best part.  Since interest has accumulated, the judgement has swelled to $3,486.85.  The good doctor believes he can sell it for $13,000 ... he says because of its "collectible value."

Now that's what you call a judgment with teeth.