Angie Harmon I Need Protection A Scary Transient is Demanding Rent

7/14/2014 3:14 PM PDT

Angie Harmon -- I Need Protection ... A Scary Transient Is Demanding Rent


Angie Harmon
just got a protective order against a transient lady who is harassing and threatening her and her family ... coming to her gate, claiming to be her landlord and demanding rent ... and the curious thing ... there's no mention in her legal docs of Jason Sehorn.

Angie claims Janice Lee Davis regularly comes to her gate at her Los Angeles home, yelling, demanding entry and rent money.  According to legal docs, Davis shows up every Thursday.

It got frightening when Davis gained entry just before July 4. The cops were called but Davis had already left, and Angie says the woman is not scared of police.

Angie says the LAPD has tried to be accommodating, "putting their patrol on notice and making it a priority because of the high profile nature."  

Now here's the weird thing.  Angie asked for and received the order, protecting herself, her 3 kids, her nanny and a friend who lives in the house.  She did not mention her husband, retired NFL star Jason Sehorn.