Taylor Swift Beer-Bottle-Throwing Scofflaws Are WAY Smarter than You

7/15/2014 9:26 AM PDT

Taylor Swift -- Beer-Bottle-Throwing Scofflaws are WAY Smarter than You


The drunken 'hooligans' who got arrested after throwing beer bottles at Taylor Swift's Rhode Island mansion are anything but slackers ... they are heroes and brainiacs who could shame anyone in an SAT face-off.

You'll recall, the trio was busted when they allegedly flipped off Taylor's security guards after hurling the brewski bottles.

So check out the ne'er-do-wells.

-- Tristan Kading, 28, a master of science in chemical oceanography conferred by MIT.  He also received the Richard Montgomery Award for Achievement in Mathematics.

-- Emily Kading, 26, Nuclear Scientist specializing in agriculture and natural resources.  She's studying to be a nuclear physicist.

As for Michael Horrigan -- the 29-year-old was working on a ferry crew on the Long Island Sound last May with Tristan ... when a 12-year-old girl's canoe capsized. Both guys helped pull her to safety, and got citations from Connecticut for heroism.

They just pled not guilty to disorderly conduct.