'Ice Road Truckers' Star Arrested for Devil May Hair Care Shoplifting Spree

8/1/2014 12:40 AM PDT

'Ice Road Truckers' Arrest -- Tim Zickuhr Arrested For Bizarre Grocery Theft


"Ice Road Truckers" star Tim Zickuhr is clearly a guy who cares about his hair ... his fetish for follicles got him arrested ... and it's only the 2nd weirdest thing he was busted for this year.

Cops tell us ... they responded to a disturbance call earlier this month at a pet hotel in San Dimas ... and found a drunken Zickuhr arguing with an employee and demanding they pony up his pooch. Turns out he doesn't even have a dog.

Cops couldn't help but notice Zickuhr had a shopping cart ... filled with Rogaine, hair straightener, shampoo, a hairbrush and an assortment of booze.  Police were understandably suspicious because the errant items were laying in the Albertson's cart -- no bag, no receipt.

Police went to the nearby grocery store, determined he stole the items and arrested him for shoplifting. Zickuhr spent 3 days in the pokey.

The arrest still doesn't compare to Tim's arrest back in April  -- allegedly involving a hooker, kidnapping and waterboarding.  Maybe let Tim tell it ...