Gordon Ramsay Sued For Abandoning Fat Cow

8/8/2014 12:10 AM PDT

Gordon Ramsay -- Sued for Abandoning Fat Cow


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay should think about going vegan ... because he's in yet another legal war over his failed restaurant The Fat Cow.

Ramsay's landlord has just filed a lawsuit ... claiming the chef skipped out on his $52K a month long-term lease in The Grove shopping center in L.A.   The landlord wants $6 MIL!

The "Hell's Kitchen" star closed The Fat Cow in March ... after a long battle with a Florida restaurant owner who claimed to have exclusive rights to the name "Fat Cow."

Ramsay's also being sued for $10 million by his business partner ... who's royally pissed that Ramsay folded like a cheap suit over the restaurant's name. In his countersuit, Ramsay says the real reason the restaurant tanked is because his partner was a financial dummy.

Such an easy solution -- Phat Cow.
A spokesperson reiterates what Gordon claimed in the docs, saying ... "“It’s the unfortunate, but inevitable normal procedure resulting from Rowen Seibel's gross mismanagement of the restaurant and diversion of funds from the business that lead to a string of financial and legal issues.”