McDonald's Lawsuit The Biggest OJ Attack Since '94

8/26/2014 1:00 AM PDT

McDonald's Lawsuit -- The Biggest OJ Attack Since '94


A big German guy guzzled some OJ at McDonald's and claims he got supersized -- with a 4" spear that fired into his throat.

Klaus Geier claims in his lawsuit he went to a San Fernando Valley McDonald's in April, 2012, and ordered a chicken sandwich, fries and a large OJ at the drive thru.

Klaus reached in his bag, noticed there wasn't a straw so he took the plastic top off as he drove away and started guzzling it.  

Klaus claims he felt something lodge in his throat -- a 4" valve which he believes was part of the OJ dispenser. As he reached in his mouth to remove it, Klaus says the serrated spear on the tip deployed and fired into his esophagus.

Attorney Anthony Liberatore, who reps Klaus, says his client grabbed the valve and spear and ripped them out of his throat, causing severe injury.

Klaus claims he is left with 2 bad options -- either highly risky surgery which could cause him to permanently lose his voice, or live with the damage which causes raspiness and a constant mucus buildup.

We tried contacting McDonald's but were unsuccessful.