Jason London and Wife Sue Bar Your Beating Ruined Our Marriage!

8/29/2014 12:40 AM PDT

Jason London & Wife Sue Bar -- Your Beating Ruined Our Marriage!

Jason London got his ass beaten so badly by bouncers at an Arizona bar that his wife left him -- but they're coming back together to jointly sue the bar.

Jason was unable to perform all sorts of duties around the house after the beating at Martini Ranch in January 2013 ... according to docs obtained by TMZ. Jason and Sofia say they were deprived of companionship and a true marital relationship. Most people spell that ... S-E-X.

They also say Jason couldn't do any household chores. Sofia filed for legal separation earlier this year.

TMZ broke the story ... Jason was beaten to a pulp after allegedly sneezing on a bouncer and punching the guy in the face.  

Jason was arrested for disorderly conduct, fighting, and assault ... and allegedly made homophobic slurs before crapping his pants in the back of a cop car. He recently pled guilty for disorderly conduct.

The ex-couple is suing for unspecified damages, but a new pair of pants run at least $50.